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The quality of the air in your home is just as important as the temperature. Your HVAC system works hard to filter out particles, but you may need to take some additional steps to breathe clean, healthy air. Trust the local choice for indoor air quality solutions in Alexander City, AL, and also the surrounding areas.

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Why is Indoor Air Quality Important?

Indoor air quality can impact your comfort and also your health. If you have a high level of particles floating in the air, you could experience worse allergy symptoms and even asthma. Worsened allergies can also prevent you from sleeping well, while also creating stress on your body.

Your indoor air could also impact your long-term health. If your space is particularly humid, then you could create an environment where biological growth thrives. This can be toxic to humans, worsening allergies and even causing some cancers. Cleaning your air is one easy step to protect your family.

What Factors Impact Indoor Air Quality?

Each home has its own environment for indoor air. The region you live in will determine the pollen counts and types of pollution that make it inside. The soft and also hard surfaces will determine whether dust is trapped or kicked up. Even factors like pet dander can contribute to the air you breathe.

As you evaluate the health of your home’s air, consider the different factors that contribute to your environment. This will guide you to choose solutions that improve your breathing ability.

What Are Some of Our Top Solutions?

At Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC, we offer indoor air quality services and also a variety of solutions. A few of the indoor air quality products that we recommend include:

  • Air cleaners and air purifiers: These come in a variety of forms depending on the quality of the air in your home. They filter the air to remove toxins and also other pollutants.
  • Air humidifiers and dehumidifiers: These change the level of moisture in your home, also adjusting the humidity to a comfortable temperature.
  • Air ventilators: These create motion within the air in your home, so you don’t feel like the air is stale.

Your home is supposed to be where you are the most comfortable, which is why we work hard to make sure your home’s air doesn’t leave you coughing and wheezing.

Indoor Air Quality Experts

If you are concerned about the quality of your indoor air, contact Advanced Heating & Air Conditioning, LLC today. Our comfort advisors can also make IAQ product recommendations based on your individual needs.

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